Friday, November 12, 2010

My First Android Application - Expense Tracker

Android is a new and fast growing OS for mobile phones developed by Google. Android is open source and hence anybody can learn and write there own applications. All it requires is interest and creativity. There is huge amount of documentation available on internet that includes all sorts of information needed for a beginner to an expert level.

I am excited about mobile applications and started my first app on Symbian some time back. But Symbian is very complex and very slow. Its bit difficult for me to get hands on Symbian. Then recently I started with working with Android which is a java based OS. I am very new to java as I worked only on C++. Soon I found that Android is very simple, easy to understand, huge amount of documentation/examples available on internet and quite fast simulator. So I started with application development on android. Here is my first app details.

Expenses Tracker - This is my first android application. This app
lication is basically targeted for the users who are interested in manging there daily expenses. Basically those who want to track there money and expenditures. This is helpful in managing one's financial conditions and also helpful in planning for future expenses.

The application features:
  • Tracking daily expenditures
  • Interactive dashboard to display total expenditures
  • Graphical display of expenses summary
  • Full list of expenses (depends of current profile set)
  • Add/Update/Delete expenses
  • Configurable category
  • Configurable profiles
  • Saving reports (not yet implemented)
  • Secure authentication (not yet implemented)
  • Personal finance (not yet integrated - future)
Here is the snapshot of my app:

Still there is a work pending to give it a final touch. I will be completing the work soon and post some more images.

Currently I am working on this app to add security and report features. Soon I will be uploading the snapshots...

After all this is my hobby project. Whenever I find myself free I spend it on android :) I still have some ideas and will be sharing them here, soon...